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1950's Drama: ''Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal'' - Off the Pedestal

Published 1956

An episode of the 1950's Drama "Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal" called 'Off the Pedestal'. Very good old time TV, lasted 78 episodes.

Run time 26:16
Audio/Visual Sound, Black and White


Reviewer: porterville - - November 25, 2011
Subject: A Good Drama Staring Jimmy Lydon
A good half hour program. Jimmy Lydon, who played the medical intern,stared as "Henry Aldrich" in the movies of the 1940's. John Howard did very well as did the rest of the cast. Another treasure from the past courtesy of IA and the contributors.
Reviewer: enola - - June 18, 2009
Subject: Re: John Howard
To Cosmicola: I just looked up John Howard's bio, and you sure have a lot to be proud of! Wish he had starred in more films.
Reviewer: cosmicola - - June 18, 2009
Subject: Thanks!
As a distant relative of actor John Howard (who plays Dr. Hudson), and having heard of this show from my family, I'm grateful that a few episodes of this show survive on DVD and are copied here on the IA. I was only in contact with him briefly during the 70s, and regret that I didn't do a better job of keeping in touch, as it's obviously too late now. My mom and aunt used to keep his photo proudly displayed, gushing over their wonderful cousin the movie star. Another TV series he did in the 50s was The Adventures of Sea Hawk, and perhaps a few of those episodes will turn up on the archive some day as well.
Reviewer: LeGrande - - March 17, 2009
Subject: bestpbx seems to have some issues ...
... that need to be dealt with professionally. Unfortunately, women trying to change men (and vice-versa) after forming a relationship is not limited to the 1950s. The episode is the second one of the series I've seen and it's similar to the first one in quality. Worth a download.
Reviewer: Robin_1990 - - March 17, 2009
Subject: Shut Up
The reviewer who thinks this is "sexist" is a political correctness nut job who should be slaughtered with an axe.
Reviewer: Classic_TV_and_Radio_Fan - - March 17, 2009
Subject: Not sexist
If you think this is sexist, you are loser who fails at life.
Reviewer: Seto-Kaiba_Is_Stupid - - March 17, 2009
Subject: Review of the previous reviewer
As usual, bestpbx gets the plot line wrong. In fact, his review gets everything messed up, I doubt he even watched the full program.
Reviewer: bestpbx - - March 17, 2009
Subject: What DOES a woman want?
The story line is typical of movies and tv of the 1059's when it comes to the most important thing for any young woman is "catchin' and marryin' a man".
The young woman in this episode uses her brother to help hook this poor unsuspecting oaf... and after she has hooked him, she wants to change him.
Never mind looking for someone who already has things in common with you... NO! Find some poor fool who is perfectly happy on his own and make him feel like everything he is interested in is wrong. Make him feel like a guilty DOG for being an intern and needing to spend so much time at the hospital! And, GOD FORBID that he might want to discuss his day with you!!!!!!!!!
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